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How can we help?

We can help you take the first steps or take your product all the way to market and beyond.

1. Assess your Idea

Have a burning desire to create and release a web or mobile application? Don’t know where to start?
We’ve worked on a lot of projects, built our own products, and love helping entrepreneurs vet their ideas so they get where they want to go and avoid wasting time and money.

2. Create a Project Roadmap

Every great journey starts with a map. We can help create a roadmap (and technical spec) that can be used to get feedback from potential users, raise money from investors, or be given to a development team to create an MVP (minimum viable product).

3. Create a Prototype

Once your roadmap is in place we can create wireframes that describe how the user interface will work. From there we can create a low-cost clickable wireframe that further aids in user-testing, raising capital, and communicating with developers.

4. Develop an MVP

This is where we turn the roadmap and prototype into a finished product through an interactive and iterative process. Using the best technology for the purpose and an agile development process, we focus on creating the first version of a great experience for your customers.

5. Bring the product to market

Bringing your product to market might mean scaling your backend so that you can handle hundreds of thousands of users, adding refinements that will make your product a hit, or wiring up analytics and growth hacking strategies and tactics to help ensure that people find and use your application.

6. Maintain your product

Development doesn’t just end once your product is released. Users will make ongoing requests for features, there will be support issues, and once people start using your product you may discover unexpected insights about how to improve the product and your bottom line. We can support you and your users as you grow.

Jordan has great communication skills and you can always count on his word, something that is very critical for a distributed team.

Jordan helped bring our team up to speed on best practices around automated testing, continuous integration and deployment. His passion for quality and strive for perfection (100% code coverage!) is inspiring.

Nazar Ivaniv

CTO, 15Five

The work Jordan and his team did for my math program was amazing. What I’ll remember, though, is how relaxed he made the entire process.

Jordan is extremely organized and very communicative. I always knew where the project was and what it needed to go forward. I’ve never had that working with a developer before.

Elie Venezky

Founder, Milestone Math

I’m really happy with the app that Jordan built for me.

What I loved about working with Jordan is that he used cutting edge technologies to create apps that were smooth clean beautiful and could really understand my project’s purpose.

Jordan and his team got a lot done in a short period of time. erI enjoyed their organized process.

Todd Jason

CEO, The Amplifield

Ready to get started?

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How we work

We always begin by learning as much as possible about your goals and vision. Together we define strategies and figure out the best way to work together, then create a schedule to get you where you want to go.


We use an open collaboration process using a task management tool like Trello to keep you and the team in sync and focused on the next most important tasks. We meet with you every two weeks to review the recent “sprint” and plan the next one. What’s a sprint?


Working from the agreed upon priorities in Trello we plan two-week sprints based on estimates of what we can get done and actually deliver in that time. The goal is to avoid big (painful) surprises that arise during longer development cycles and keep everyone aware of progress and next steps.

Long term success

We work hard on your project and hold ourselves to the highest standards with the intention of sticking around to help you grow and respond to changes in technology or market forces as they unfold. Our favorite way to work is as a trusted partner and extension of your team.

Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker

CEO - Lead Developer

About Scryent

Experience and passion

Jordan Baker has been creating web and mobile applications for startups and established corporations for over 15 years. He builds innovative web and mobile applications, fully utilizing agile test-driven development. Additionally he mentors teams so that organizations can realize their vision more quickly, with fewer errors and less stress.

Our Team

Our core team has worked together for years and knows how to get stuff done efficiently and cost effectively. We also have a large network of excellent freelancers that we bring on as needed.



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